The Gift of Penguins! Easy Pin to Make

I came across this craft many years ago and thought I’d post it for a new generation of crafters.  It is simple and fun to make and give as a small gift to anyone who needs a smile.   PENGUIN PINS are made with wide craft sticks, black markers, white paint, felt or fleece scraps and orange foam sheets, tacky glue (NOT Elmer’s), and pin backs.    penguin pins                      1.  Color one side of the stick black with a permanent marker.  Let it dry.  I did 12 at a time since I planned on giving them away as gifts.

2.  Next, paint the “belly” of the penguin white as shown in the photo left.  Let dry a few hours or overnight.

3.  Now for the details.  I cut the beaks from orange foam, the scarves from fleece.  You can also use felt for the scarves.  You can make a felt hat as well.  Or, you can use the Santa Hats I found at A C Moore.  They came 4 to a pack and fit over the end of the stick perfectly. 

4. Before you begin gluing the pieces on, make the eyes and buttons using the black marker.  See close-up photo, right:  2014-12-04 21.27.51

5. Now you are ready to GLUE on the “bits”.

I put a dab of tacky glue on the back of the scarf, back of the hat, and edge of the beak and pressed each into place.   See photo below.  Let dry overnight.

pin 2

6.  Turn over the penguin to attach the pin as shown in the photo below:

2014-12-04 21.28.02




Voila!  Your penguin is ready to grace a sweater or jacket all season long.  Just looking at him makes me want to smile.


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