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Kudos – Vesper Stamper – Interview

I couldn’t resist reblogging this amazing interview with Author/Illustrator Vesper Stamper.

Writing and Illustrating

Vesper is going for her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I have watched her for many years and it is wonderful to see how her art has developed.  She was featured on Illustrator Saturday in June 2011. Here is the link if you want to see for yourself how her style has grown.

I thought all of you would find this interview interesting.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay at SVA

Student Spotlight: Vesper Stamper

Vesper Stamper is one of our few classmates who manages to make beautiful artwork, AND care for her two young children. Moreover she’s recently announced that her novel, the Orange Tree (which she wrote and illustrated for the Book Show) will be published by Knopf in spring 2018! She talks with us about how she manages her time, what it’s like to be both a mother and an artist, and about creating the…

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