Naomi Gruer Arranges Flowers Just in Time For Mother’s Day!

Here is a great post on simple flower arranging for kids of all ages.  Why not try it out and make Mom’s Day!

DIY Silk Flower Arrangement: By Naomi Gruer

My mom loves peonies, so I made this silk flower arrangement for her. At my local crafts store not only is there an immense variety of flowers to choose from, birds, butterflies, seashells, and garden markers are just some of the other elements that may be incorporated to create a beautiful and personalized arrangement.

This turned out to be an easy and fun DIY project. Happy creating, hon!





–silk flowers


–hot glue gun and glue sticks (note: young children should be supervised when using this tool)

–Styrofoam blocks

–moss      IMG_9117

–marker, serrated knife, wire cutter, scissors


Figure out how many pieces of Styrofoam will fit into and fill vessel. Mark where to cut. Using the serrated knife, cut foam into correct number of pieces.       IMG_9109

  1. Prepare flowers, part 1. Using the wire cutter, trim stems so they will be long enough to sit inside the foam, and also stand above the rim of the vessel. Tip—hold flowers in a bunch, approximating the way they are to be arranged. This helps determine which stems are to be cut shorter and which longer.
  2. Prepare flowers, part 2. With scissors, cut off excess leaves, especially those that would sit inside foam. Too many leaves get in the way. Too few leaves may look bare. Tip–Save cut leaves to possibly glue to moss.
  3. Hot glue bottom of cut Styrofoam and secure inside vessel.


  1. Hot glue flowers stems, then stick stems into Styrofoam, carefully arranging flowers. Add extra glue to spot where foam and stems meet.
  2. Spread moss around top of Styrofoam. Lift up sections, then glue them down.
  3. Fill in bare spots of Styrofoam with more moss and cut leaves.

VOILA!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL!                naomi-13

Naomi Gruer


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