Edible Science: Fun Experiments You Can Eat!

As another school year winds down, you and your kids don’t have to stop learning. Mastering STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) skills are more important than ever for our children to be able to compete in the global community called EARTH.

But learning at home doesn’t have to be text-book dry or boring.  You can make it fun and DELICIOUS, by combining science with food preparation.  Check out this BuzzFeed site that features 17 food based experiments that explore different scientific ideas or principles.  Get ready to make such things as:

  • Edible playdoh.
  • Edible glass.
  • Fake snot
  • a lemon-powered battery.
  • DNA helix
  • The amazing properties of Chocolate.
  • Make your own yogurt or butter.
  • Turn grapes into raisins.

And many more fun ideas.

Visit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/morganshanahan/food-science-experiments-that-will-blow-your-kids-minds?utm_term=.ctzelgGyAv#.cs3yR0vDNg

Your kids will be having so much fun making and tasting their way through the experiments, they’ll forget they’re learning. 

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