Father’s Day Fun!

It’s not too late to do some memorable things to honor the dad in your child’s life.  Any dad will love being treated like a king for a day.  A fast and easy gift can be as simple as a book of homemade “coupons” dad can redeem for things such as A FREE CAR WASH, BACK MASSAGE, FOOT RUB, DESSERT OF YOUR CHOICE,  and anything else you think the dad in your life might enjoy. 

You can also check out some great books about dad’s and Father’s Day at this site:


You and the kids might also want to make an awesome FOOTBALL HANDPRINT PHOTO keepsake.  It’s made using a simple salt dough recipe and a cookie cutter.


For awesome gift ideas, you can also check out: http://www.familycircle.com/fathersdaygifts

Make DAD feel special…have a Happy Father’s Day!


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