Kill Germs The Healthy Way.

There has been a lot of articles in the news recently about “super bugs” and how the over use of antibiotics has caused many kinds of bacteria to be resistant to traditional medications.  WE OVERUSE ANTIBIOTICS when they really aren’t necessary.  In addition to antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections, we often use them for viral infections where they have no benefits other than to kill off the good bugs in our intestinal tract.  We can also  find antibiotics in meat and poultry, and in hand sanitizers, soaps and cleaners.  When we overuse them in these ways, not only do they kill off beneficial bacteria we need to digest food, they also create an overgrowth of “bad bugs”.

We don’t need to use antibacterial cleaners to get rid of germs.  Washing with regular soap and water will kill 99.9% of all germs.  So, instead of buying expensive anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, why not make your own?

MIX pure aloe vera gel with tea tree oil, or oil of lavender or myrrh – nature’s way of fighting bad bugs without destroying good one. Store in a container or pump bottle and use as needed.

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4 thoughts on “Kill Germs The Healthy Way.

  1. This is a worthy post, Darlene. I hope that readers will heed your suggestions or at least research for themselves.

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