BAKING COOKIES: Thoughts on Peace and Reconciliation During These Troubling Times

This post really resonated with me during our troubled times. A small gesture of peace and friendship goes a long way.

Laura Sassi Tales


My blog celebrates “writing, reading, and life” and mostly I focus on things writerly and readerly. This week, however, has been firmly grounded in life.  Like many of you, I have been grieving over the state of our nation at this present moment.  There is just so much hurt and bitterness and anger and racism and misunderstanding.  And this week’s news breaks my heart – two black men shot and killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota and five police officers shot and killed in Dallas?  Will this ever end?  Is reconciliation possible?  And what can I do? What can my children do? What can you do? What can we as individuals do in the midst of this miserable time?

Foster community.  Build community. Construct bridges. That’s what.  This Sunday morning, in an act that is totally out of my shy/reserved comfort zone, I listened to that inner voice inside which whispered to me – reach out.  What we did this…

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5 thoughts on “BAKING COOKIES: Thoughts on Peace and Reconciliation During These Troubling Times

  1. Thanks, Darlene, for sharing Laura’s response to the troubling times we are all experiencing. Her actions are inspiring. I, too, often want to reach out but hold back due to “shyness” or because I lose confidence.

  2. I loved Laura’s post when she first posted it and the great way she thought to spread kindness and caring! Truly it was love in the purest sense. Thanks for resharing it, Darlene. It is a very important message.

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