The Disappearing Butterfly…How You Can Help!

This post originally ran last year, but I find it so important I am running it again.  Help keep monarch butterflies in our world.  Pass it on.

While many insects make a lot of people say “yuck”…butterflies are in a category of their own.  There is no ick factor to these beautiful and amazing creatures.  One of the most recognized – and perhaps most popular – butterflies in North America is the MONARCH. Sadly, this beautiful insect is disappearing at an alarming rate.  In the 1990’s up to 1 BILLION monarchs migrated from the Northern US and Canada each fall to the OYAMEL FIR forests of Mexico.  Another million wintered in forested groves along the California coast.       monarch Now, scientists estimate that only 56.5 MILLION remain.  This represents a decline of nearly 80%.  Most of the decline is blamed on changing use of land; but we homeowners can change that.  You can use your property to create “monarch way stations” by planting MILKWEED and other nectar filled plants.  These plots allow monarchs to successfully produce generations and sustain them for their annual migrations. Milkweeds are the ONLY plants on which monarchs deposit their eggs and on which their larvae feed.  Without milkweed, there would be no monarchs.     To learn more about monarchs and way stations visit: Milkweed is easy to grow from seed.  And, here is a link for free milkweed plants.  They require little care and will spread easily once they take hold.  They can take over a garden, so be careful where you plant them. Go to:          

Milkweed from my garden.

Milkweed from my garden.

  Not only will you bring beauty to your own habitat, but you will be helping an endangered species. Here’s a link to a wonderful post to start a discussion about Monarchs from Terry Jennings.:


12 thoughts on “The Disappearing Butterfly…How You Can Help!

  1. Important post! Many species are dependent on our gardens since there natural habitat have been disturbed or destroied. It is for this kind of engagement and devotion I have nominated you to the Sisterhood of the World Award. Visit my blog to read more about it.

    I am still interested in the guest post idea but my hands have been occupied with my newborn girl. I wish you the best!

  2. Part of our property is a 12 acre field that we have let naturalize from a horse track, and it full of milkweed (we also have a ton of milkweed on the other parts of our property). We’re dedicated to doing our part to provide food and habitat for wildlife – butterflies, birds, and more. 🙂

    Glad you’ve posted about this important issue!

  3. Hi Darlene,
    Great post! It is so important to preserve our butterflies and bees that all have a vital importance in our eco-system and keep Nature in balance. Sharing your post.

  4. Thanks for the great suggestion, Darlene. I watched a Monarch flit gracefully around my flower garden today. I sure would miss these regal creatures.

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