Got Teachers in Need? Here’s How to Help.

We all know how long and hard many teachers work to provide the best education for our kids.  Did you also know that teachers typically spend $500.00-$600.00 per year of their own money to furnish their classrooms with supplies, books and other necessities?  Instead of a mug or box of candy, why not help relieve the strain on your favorite teacher’s wallet by contributing to one of these programs:

  • ADOPT A CLASSROOM: This program has been around for 18 years and allows you to select a category – art, music, first year teacher assistance – to make your impact.
  • DONORS CHOOSE:  Here you can read classroom testimonials and select one based on need, location or what’s one their wish list.
  • FROM ONE HAND TO ANOTHER: This organization was established by entertainer Pharrell Williams and gives at-risk children the STEAMM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and motivation) tools they need to succeed.  The organization has also donated school supplies to needy classrooms.

In what ways have you helped teacher s and students in classrooms?  Care to share?

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