NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016

Writing and Illustrating

The 2016 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books
in alphabetical order:

nyt1hungermountain-articlelargeThe Cat From Hunger Mountain

Written and illustrated by Ed Young

The wealthy, selfish Lord Cat lives in wasteful luxury high on a mountain and treats his servants with contempt, until a drought brings hunger and he is forced to change his ways. With complex collages that mix photographs, torn paper, string and other materials, Young creates a stunning visual symphony with a surprising and unsettling emotional power.

32 pp. Philomel Books. $17.99.

nyt2dead-bird-articlelargeThe Dead Bird

By Margaret Wise Brown. Illustrated by Christian Robinson.

Brown’s quiet 1938 story of children who find a dead bird in the woods and give it a proper burial gets an exuberant, emotionally resonant update from Robinson, who moves the setting to an urban park and gives one child fairy wings, another a fox costume. Our reviewer, Mark Levine, praised Robinson’s “bold and…

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