Shake Off the Winter Blahs.

 I recently visited the Art Museum on the Princeton University campus. It was great for three reasons. First of all, it’s free. There aren’t many places of culture and enlightenment nowadays that can boast that. And, the collection has something for everyone.  There are sculptures and pottery over 4,000 years old, paintings done by ANDY WARHOL, and everything in between.

The third reason it was a great visit is because where else but an art museum provides peace, quiet, and contemplation along with some magnificent objects of beauty? Being in such an environment frees the mind and allows all sorts of creative energy to enter. Writers who are struggling with writer’s block might find inspiration looking at any painting or sculpture, and stories begin to spring into mind. WHY did the artist choose such a subject? WHAT IF the subject were alive today? WHAT would she/he have to say?  The possibilities for story are endless.

Let the kids go on a SCAVENGER HUNT, searching for specific art pieces throughout the day.  Many museums have programs geared specifically for children.

So, if you feel as if you’re in a rut and need some CHANGE to jump start the muse, visit the Princeton University Art Museum – or ANY art museum and let your imagination run wild. Take notes, snap photos and just doodle in a notebook. You never know, it may be the start of something wonderful.

Didn’t someone say “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

8 thoughts on “Shake Off the Winter Blahs.

  1. Hi Darlene: You have a great suggestion here. I also believe the University of Pennsylvania also has an museum that is free and contains fun things like ancient mummies.( I don’t think there are modern mummies?lol)

  2. Thanks for the reminder to go visit our local art museum! I used to take the kids a lot when they were young (for homeschooling and for fun). Our museum (well, Indiana University’s museum) was designed by I.M. Pei!

  3. Wonderful reminder, Darlene. As an artist I am always looking for inspiration and have tunneled many times to NY for just that. With the recent hike in fares to cross the Hudson River, there is even more reason to visit museums here on the Jersey side. Thanks for letting us know about the free admission to the Princeton museum. I have never been there, but now plan on making a trip.

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