Hand Binding Books with 1st Graders

A perfect craft for beginning writers to keep their stories in book form.

The Hungry Artist

In a previous post on making collages with kids, I mentioned my visits to P.S. 142 and the wonderful students I worked with there.  A few weeks ago, I made my last visit to two 1st grade classes, and we completed our book projects by binding them together.

The binding method I did with the children is a very simplified version, using just paper and yarn.  I prepped by taking the students’ writing/collage projects home and punching holes in the margin beforehand.  I also cut lengths of yarn and knotted one end and taped the other end to form a blunt point for “sewing”.

Then, we bound the books together in class.

The children loved having a hand-made finished product at the end!

To bind papers together to make a book, you need:


Large Paper Clip

Hole puncher




1.  Punch holes in paper along left…

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