Marina Cohen Presents: The Doll’s Eye…Perfect Summer-time creepy for the MG Crowd

The Doll’s Eye tells the story of 12 year-old Hadley who, after moving in to a big old house with her new stepfather and stepbrother, finds herself lamenting the loss of her old life. When a lone glass eye rolls out from a dark corner underneath her bed, things begin to change, though not necessarily for the better. A second narrative weaves its way through the novel—that of the first girl who lived in the house and the evil she unwittingly unleashed. It’s a tale of wish fulfillment and consequence, of innocence and happiness. I’m very grateful it’s received some wonderful reviews including School library journal who called it “a must have for horror fans.”

Kirkus review:

The book’s path to publication:

I wrote The Doll’s Eye before I wrote The Inn Between. It was the manuscript that garnered the attention of my amazing agent and for that I’m so very grateful. I spent nearly a year revising it for him, but when it was finally submitted it didn’t sell. Devastated, I set it aside and wrote The Inn Between. When that sold in a two-book deal, I decided to have one final look at The Doll’s Eye before giving up on it entirely, and wham! It hit me.

I finally knew what was wrong with the story. I tore the entire manuscript apart and rebuilt it word by word. The plot changed dramatically.  I am not only extremely grateful to my editor for loving it, but to those who passed on it because they forced me to write a better book.     



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