Opportunties: Art Giveaway and Illustration Lead

a great opportunity for Illustrator wanna-be’s as well as anyone who wants to own an awesome illustration by Mike Ciccotello.

Writing and Illustrating

Today we have a fun opportunity to win this 11”x14” archival print done by Mike Ciccotello, titled, STAR SEEKER, on cold press watercolor paper.

STAR SEEKER: You are the key to achieving your goals. No one else is going to do it for you. Find your star and make it shine.

Mike is working to promote his Instagram feed and would love your help, so all you have to do to get in the running for STAR SEEKER is to leave a comment here saying you visited Mike’s Instagram page – clicked and followed him. Of course, you will get additional points for promoting on Facebook, Twitter, reblog, or your other social media channels. You can find him on Instagram at @Ciccotello or use the above link.

Other ways to follow along with Mike’s projects:
Website: Ciccotello.com
Instagram: @ciccotello
Twitter: @ciccotello
Facebook:The Art of Mike Ciccotello


The search…

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3 thoughts on “Opportunties: Art Giveaway and Illustration Lead

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