Do Something Nice…For World Teacher’s Day.

Today is DO SOMETHING NICE DAY  and  WORLD TEACHER’S DAY.  I thought it might be special to combine the two and do something nice for a teacher.  We sometimes take our children’s teachers for granted, forgetting the dedication and hard work they put in each day to make learning possible.  We often read stories in the media about the “bad” teachers  – the ones who do little for, or maybe even harm, those in their care.  For every one of those teachers, there are hundreds who nurture and lead children on a path of success and accomplishment.

When was the last time you thanked a teacher?  A verbal thanks is good.  A letter or phone call is better.  A small token is great.  Home baked cookies, a bouquet of flowers, a cup of tea or coffee and a bagel.  A gift card for a treat at a local coffee shop or Staples..  Volunteering to help in the classroom is also great.  With tight budgets and staff cuts, many classrooms no longer have aides to assist teachers with their many jobs.  An extra pair of hands in the classroom now and then is always welcome and much appreciated by the teachers I know.  You don’t need special training to cut, paste, laminate, or assist with lesson preparations.   

If you’re artistic, volunteer to teach an art lesson in a Kindergarten class without an art program.  Many schools no longer have libraries.  Offer to read and do storytime activities with kids.  Have musical talent?  Bring it to school.  Offer to put up a bulletin board, paint a bookshelf, make curtains for a classroom window, or teach kids to bake soft pretzels.  Share your own time and talent with your children’s teachers.  Your life and their life will be richer for it.


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