Opportunity: Writing With The Stars – Free Picture Book Mentorships

For all my “I want to be a picture book writer” friends out there…

Writing and Illustrating

In 2014, Tara Luebbe jumped into the world of kidlit and started writing picture books with her sister Becky. She educated herself on the industry, joined SCBWI, found critique partners, and attended conferences. She started getting positive feedback from critiques and contests, but she needed something more. She knew the answer was a mentor and looked at the few options out there, but could not find a mentor that was the right match for her weird, quirky humor. Then fate intervened and she saw that author Stacy McAnulty was running a contest to find a mentee. She wrote funny books … just like her. Tara won and they worked together for six months. Soon after, Tara signed with an agent and sold her first books. Stacy’s only requirement was that she pay it forward and take on her own mentee when she was able.

But Tara wanted to do something more than that. She knew personally the immense value of a mentorship and the difference…

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