Mother’s Day Treats: Fast, Easy, and Tasty.

Here is a simple and nutritious sweet treat the kids can make for MOM on Mother’s Day or for any time you want to WOW someone with a TASTE SENSATION for little effort.

CREAM CHEESE STUFFED DATES are sooo easy.  All you need are some whole dates and cream cheese.  Slit open the dates length wise to remove the pit.  (see photo 1) 

Photo 1

Photo 1

Fill the opening with cream cheese and serve!  This not too sweet, but satisfying dessert will be a hit with Mom and the kids as well.  Doesn’t everything taste better with cheese?   2015-04-18 03.21.43


Serve a few with a cup of tea.  You can also try spreading other fillings  such as peanut or almond butter.  They make great party food as well.




3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Treats: Fast, Easy, and Tasty.

  1. I’ve always loved dates, but never thought of stuffing them with cream cheese. It sounds good. I remember my Mom putting cream cheese on date and nut bread. When I was a young girl helping in the kitchen, my Mom taught me to stuff dates with walnuts and roll them in coconut or powdered sugar. I will try them stuffed with cream cheese the next time I buy dates. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • I never thought of stuffing them either until I tasted them at a luncheon at church and was hooked! So easy and satisfying, they make a “healthier” sweet treat. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

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