GIVE SOMETHING AWAY DAY, Round Three:by Kim Pfennigwerth

Sunday July 15 will be National Give Something Away Day and my third post for Darlene’s blog.  

When so many feel our ideals are being pummeled what could we possibly give away that could help combat any of this? More often than not it’s the small things that warm our hearts.

Time, food, clothes, books, money donations, household items. They all show two things—kindness and love.

Giving something away lightens you while it can also brighten the mood or load of someone else. By taking a few moments to reflect on what could be gained by giving something away, more often than not, it is the small things that warm our hearts.

A child taking our hand, either out of trust or eagerness to show us something, gives us warmth and joy. Reading a book aloud to someone, making time for conversation, gives something to both people—a happy connection.

Feeling your spirits lift is a joy than cannot be described but lifting another’s spirit is even more immeasurable. Wish someone a better day or give away some fresh baked cookies. Look at what volunteer organizations need and how you can help. But above all give yourself a smile while giving someone else a boost.

As a writer I collect a lot of books. My giveaway is two books. A ‘writer’s block’ busting read THE WAR of ART: Breakthrough the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creativity Battles by Steven Pressfield and LIGHT THE DARK: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, And the Artistic Process by Joe Fassler. 

just-one-thing-cover         Darlene’s giveaway is a book:  JUST ONE THING by Nancy Viau, I middle grade story of a boy trying to lose a dreaded nickname as he enters middle school, hoping to find the one thing he is good at. 

Darlene is also giving away a $10.00 gift card to Barnes&Noble.

Let us know what your plans are and get in the running for our third giveaway.

To win one of these prizes – chosen randomly – leave a comment about something you’ve shared and what happened as a result.  Darlene will put your name in a basket and pick 4 winners – one for each prize.  If you share the post on Twitter or FB, let us know so we can add your name a second time to the entries.

From myself and Darlene—enjoy a warm-your-heart, happiness spreading National Give Something Away Day!  For everything we give away, we get back so much more in return. xo     diverse-hands

Kim Pfennigwerth is a lover of books, animals, children, and kindness in no particular order. She is often spotted in a bookstore or library reading piles of picture books while revising and writing her own manuscripts.


13 thoughts on “GIVE SOMETHING AWAY DAY, Round Three:by Kim Pfennigwerth

  1. A beautiful post! I giveaway listening time. I listen to people. It’s probably the most simple and challenging “thing” to give. I restore myself by writing….not what people have told me….but my response to the world is in writing.

  2. I love the idea of a Give Something Away Day, and I am thinking now of what else I will give away this Sunday. So many ideas going through my head! I currently give away art instructions, helping other art students, assisting our art teacher, especially in those techniques I’ve mastered. I enjoy giving away my knowledge and helping others. And, I shared your post on Facebook. Great idea! Thanks.

    • Thank you, Kathy! I love that you give away and share your art skills. I am sure every student it benefits cherished those skills along with the message to give of themselves also. Thanks for posting and sharing with us!

      • I just gave away a bag full of clothing. We are going through my daughter’s bedroom and she will give away some of her things. It’s in progress! Also, she and her friends are getting together soon with all their unused products so that they can share/give/trade with each other. I want to do that too!

      • I love that idea of swapping/sharing, Cynthia. My daughter participates in clothing swap parties from time to time. It’s nice to see things find a new home. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • It is good to give away clothes we have loved for someone else to love and how fun of your daughter and her friends to share friendship and swap favorite things too!

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