Ten Great Places to Read a Book.

While it’s true you can read a book just about anywhere, there are SOME places where the whole reading experience takes on a new level of interaction and excitement. The next time you decide to read a good book try it…

  1. In a tent at night with a flashlight and your best friend.
  2. At the beach while sharing a sandwich with a seagull.
  3. Sitting under – or in – a tree at the park.
  4. On a train…preferably the POLAR EXPRESS.
  5. In a hot air balloon.
  6. While waiting in line to get a book signed by a famous author.
  7. In a time machine set for your favorite period in history.
  8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  9. In a car wearing your favorite hat while driving through the PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH.
  10. In a castle dressed as a prince or princess while sitting atop a horse.


What is YOUR favorite place to read a book?

12 thoughts on “Ten Great Places to Read a Book.

  1. Great places to read, although I have to take exception to parts of #10. Having your horse IN the castle might not be a good idea. (Although the point could be made that a stable within the courtyard walls could count as IN the castle.) Also, reading while riding is no smarter than reading while driving. However, if your horse will stand still while you read aloud to him from his back, that’s a horse of a different . . . temperament. (Trust a horsewoman/copy editor to make a comment like this.)

  2. My favorite place to read a book is anywhere I can grab a few minutes to read. I almost always carry a book with me. I read in line at the grocery store, at the stop light waiting for it to turn, while waiting for my granddaughter to get out of school, basically anywhere. If life were perfect, I would sit under a tree on a cool autumn day reading. Thanks for the post.

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