Three Worthy Causes to Sponsor on Veteran’s Day and Beyond.

Even though the holiday season is fast approaching, and thoughts of outdoor activities turn indoors, you can still show your support to two worthwhile causes throughout the year.

1. How can you honor Veteran’s on this Veteran’s Day?  Pick up a box of Band-Aids Our Veteran Heroes design bandages. With each purchase, the company makes a donation to TEAM RED, WHITE & BLUE, an organization that helps and supports veterans.  You can find them at Drugstores nationwide.

2.  Saturday, November 15 is AMERICA RECYCLES DAY.  Sort your cans, bottles,  and paper and help keep America beautiful.  visit:

3. Feed the hungry one grain of rice at a time while also building your vocabulary. for every word you correctly define, grains of rice will be set aside and donated to those in need. Visit

3 thoughts on “Three Worthy Causes to Sponsor on Veteran’s Day and Beyond.

  1. My grandson is a West Point graduate, now a Captain in the Army with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan completed, and recipient of a Bronze Star. Thank you for this post which recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices of our military to protect our country.

    • Diane,
      It is my pleasure. My dad fought in WWII and was a POW in Japan for 3 1/2 years. My husband also served in the Navy. So…I know what the cost of freedom can be. Thanks for taking time to comment. God bless you and your grandson.

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