Book Giveaway: MILKWEED by Jerry Spinelli

I don’t know how I missed this wonderful bit of historical fiction for kids, but here is an opportunity to win a copy of MILKWEED by Jerry Spinelli.

Writing and Illustrating

Even though this stunning novel of the Holocaust from Newbery Medalist, Jerry Spinelli was published in 2003, it is a story that children should read and adults should never forget. I had this book on my nightstand for a few years before I read it. I was afraid the story would drag my spirit down. All I had to do is read the first page and I knew Jerry would not do that to his readers. It is beautifully written and a heartwarming story. If you are a writer, you can learn a lot about sentence structure and character development while reading this book.

Producer Gail Rosenblum is working on making an animated film of Milkweed. Here is the link to a video talking about working on making the movie. If the end result of what they are doing with animating Milkweed is as good as this video it should…

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