3 Cheers For…Trees! + PB Give-Away.

This week we celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day. What better way to honor the day than to learn a bit about trees. Did you know:

– There are 3 TRILLION trees in the world

– One Acre of forest absorbs 6 TONS of carbon dioxide and puts out 4 TONS of oxygen. ONE TREE produces enough oxygen for 2 people per year.

– Exposure to trees and nature can reduce blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, and reduce mental fatigue.

– Neighborhoods with more trees experience less crime.

“I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree.” – Joyce Kilmer

How about showing your favorite tree some love?

To celebrate these wonders of nature, I am giving away a copy of the new PB by Best-selling author Beth Ferry called SQUIRREL’S FAMILY TREE.  Read my review of this delightful book below.

“This story is a perfect introduction for young children into the world of nature – specifically the importance of squirrels to the growth of oak trees. The rhyming structure and soft illustrations invite the reader into the outdoors and the life cycle of both tree and squirrel. Perfect book to curl up with your favorite kiddo for a read-aloud.”

Just leave a comment and mention your favorite kind of tree and I will put your name in the hat. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on this blog on FRIDAY, MAY 3.

So what tree is your favorite?  Mine is the sweetgum.


13 thoughts on “3 Cheers For…Trees! + PB Give-Away.

  1. LOL< Sweetgum! I have a zillion of those trees and their pokey balls multiply a zillion by ten! I love trees and just bought a Thundercloud plum this weekend.
    Im looking for a chokecherry. I like any kind of tree that feeds wildlife.

  2. Sounds like such a cute book. I love squirrels and trees! I like weeping willows because they remind me of the huge one in my grandma’s front yard. We loved grabbing and pulling on the long willowy limbs after a rain and have it rain on us again. I also like maple trees because of the beautiful show-off colors it gives us in the fall.

    • Seems like there is a tree out in the world for everyone’s tastes. I grew up with a willow tree in our yard and it was a favorite climbing tree for me and my sister. Out of all the blooming ones, I’d have to say the crab apple is my favorite since the fragrance is spectacular.

  3. Ah, one of my favorite subjects. My husband’s department has a dendrologist/tree ring scientist that he does drought/climatology research with. My older son is so good at tree ID that he TAed (as an undergrad) for this dendrologist who would ask my son for help in identifying trees.

    My favorite trees are the native species. My least favorite is the awful Callery Pear.

    I recommend anyone interested in trees to get The Sibley Guide to Trees book. It’s not perfect but it’s one of the best ones out there. My son and his GF hope to write their own guide one day. 🙂

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