Book Give-away: ALL COLORS by Amalia Hoffman

Over the next few weeks I will be giving away copies of children’s books – in honor of Picture Book Month and in time for holiday gifting. I have been lucky enough to receive several copies of these books for free to read and post a review. It’s a wonderful way to get to know new authors. Here is the first book for the give-away. If you’d like to be considered for one of TWO COPIES of the book, leave a comment stating your favorite color and why you like it. Names will be thrown in a hat and two winners randomly drawn and announced in a few weeks.
Here is my review for ALL COLORS  by Amalia Hoffmancover
A board book of color, texture, and vitality that will have the youngest readers captivated. Teaches the simple but important lesson that friendship and love come in all colors.

20 thoughts on “Book Give-away: ALL COLORS by Amalia Hoffman

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations Amalia! Love that this is a board book. My favorite color is the purplish-lavender that comes right before the dawn or at sunset!

  2. My favorite color has always been RED for as long as I can remember. Red is bold and vibrant. My grandmother took me with her on a bus to Keyport when I was a little girl and had me pick out my favorite color of embroidery thread that she used to make a tablecloth for me, which I still have and cherish. I have more red shirts than any other color and seem to be drawn to red whenever shopping for a new shirt. Red looks best on me. At least I think so!

  3. hmmm…well, this is always a tough one because, especially as an artist, I’d say, I love virtually all colors for all kinds of reasons, but I will usually settle on turquoise or any combo of blue and green, like teal, or a typical “blue green” 🙂 Can’t say why other than I’m never disappointed by it and am always uplifted and drawn to those colors 😀 And you’re SO generous, Darlene, with your giveaways 😀 oxox

      • Isn’t it a wonderful world of color? My clothing color choices tend to hover on greens, teals, blues, but I have a representation of nearly every color of the rainbow in my closet. My daughter, who lives in Boston, laments that once winter comes, everyone there switches to black. She refuses to do so, since color makes a day much more sunny!

      • You know, I only paid attention to that whole “seasonal color” thing with clothing when I was a kid. I’m not one to conform to many things and that was certainly one of them! lol I’ve been wearing mostly black for years because gaining weight, it was difficult to find colored clothing that looked good. I’ve expanded a bit more over recent years and it’s nice to wear some color again 😀

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