Cooking With Kids 101.

Since we’re all indoors and the kids are virtual students, one skill you can teach them now that you have some time is cooking. Cooking is a life skill and something important we can share with our children. From my experience as a parent and teacher, kids love to mix, stir, beat eggs, chop, slice, and dice vegetables and bake muffins and cookies. Children are also more likely to eat foods they’ve helped make.

So, roll up your sleeves and get started with some of these kid-friendly sites filled with recipes and tips for every taste.  Make some cooking memories!

easy recipes for kids to make



3 thoughts on “Cooking With Kids 101.

  1. Once my middle son (then very young) wrote up a little menu called ‘Andy’s Cook House’, and brought it to us while we were sitting in the living room. It had a list of items he would fix us. It said circle what you want. He listed cereals, drinks, different chips and crackers and sandwiches (ballony and hot ballony sandwiches :o) etc). He even wrote on it how long it would take for him to make an item. I still have that menu he made. I used to write a column for kids and I would often put in easy recipes for kids. And I put these easy recipes in my two books for kids.

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