A Great Read For Middle Grade Fashionistas by Margaret Gurevich

Are your children interested in fashion?  Or do they ever wonder what it might be like to work in the field?  You might want to get them a book that is set behind the scenes of a fictitious fashion house.  CHLOE BY DESIGN: BALANCING ACT is the second in the series by author Margaret Gurevich.

BalancingActimage16-year-old Chloe Montgomery beat out the competition to win Teen Design Diva, but she already has another challenge to face tackling her internship. After winning the first season of the fashion reality show, Chloe is ready to start her job with a famous designer, Stefan Meyers, in New York City. But with an old crush and new challenges to contend with, Chloe discovers that the fast-paced fashion industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Will she be able to make it work, or will the balancing act prove to be too much for this budding designer? 

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