New PB by Traci Dunham: MY SISTER LULU AND ME Celebrates Diversity and Acceptance.

With all the latest interest in diversity in books, I am pleased to highlight a unique book recently published by author Traci Dunham titled MY SISTER LULU AND ME. Tracy does a marvelous job talking about the book and how it came to be.  Here’s what she has to say:       cover_redo

My latest book, MY SISTER LULU AND ME (for all children who are uniquely special), carries a message of acceptance. This children’s picture book is about two sisters, and one has a disability. The book shows the sisters doing things such as going to the park and the beach. Even though they can’t do the same things it is just a part of their everyday life. Lulu’s sister lets the readers know it’s OK and God makes everyone uniquely special. I wanted the book to be used as a tool to open up a dialogue between parents and teachers about those with disabilities. There are limitations to what these children can do but they can still engage in the same activities as other children. This is a great book for educating our younger generation about a topic that is not always easy to talk about. Picture books about diversity let the children ask questions and it gives parents and teachers an easy way to talk about the subject. Whether you have a friend or family member who has a disability or not, every child should be educated on this topic.

The book was inspired by my two daughters, Caroline and Paige. Caroline was born with a partial trisomy 18, a chromosome abnormality. Growing up, both sisters were close and I wanted to highlight their relationship. Paige grew up with her sister having a disability, and it never phased her. I wanted to bring the relationship between the two of them and show that if it is O.K. with her, it is OK with everybody else. Caroline is currently twenty-one years old and Paige is nineteen. Through the years Caroline continues to be a blessing to our family and everyone who knows her. Paige is currently in college where she is majoring in occupational therapy.                    006

A portion of the proceeds from the book are going toward the Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society, an organization for parents across the country who have children with chromosome 18 abnormalities.

The book can be purchased on my website at, along with my previous children’s picture book, THE OYSTER’S SECRET.