Let in the Birds! 3 Dimensional Paper Craft

Today’s craft is inspired by all the colorful birds that are back in town thanks to spring.  It’s a simple craft that even the youngest kids can do with a bit of direction.  Everything you need is in the photo here:

Matierials for bird paper craft: colored construction paper or card stock, scissors, stapler.

Materials for bird paper craft: colored construction paper or card stock, scissors, stapler.

Cut One Inch strips of paper (11 inches or longer) from 5 assorted colors.    Place them on top of each other and staple together at one end.  This will be the birds beak.  To form the head, pull the bottom strip straight, and then gather each additional strip a bit looser than the one below it so it forms a head as shown in the photo.  Staple together.  Do the same thing to form the body, except the loops will curve downward rather than upward.  Staple together.  2015-04-11 02.07.42See photo below:  

To make the tail, cut the tail pieces into thin strips, stopping at the staple.  Curl the strips by wrapping them around the pencil.  To form feet and wings, cut one inch wide strip about 4 inches long and fringe them as shown in the photo.  Staple in place.  Roll up a small piece of paper and slide it into the head portion for an eye.  See photo below:

2015-04-11 02.13.13To hang the bird, tie sting under the mid section and under the hear portion and bring the two strings together in the middle as shown:   2015-04-11 02.17.30You can vary the materials as you like.  Try using real feathers for the wings and pipe cleaners for the feet.  Make a MOBILE of colorful birds to decorate for a party or to make a room look like spring! 

Why not bring the birds indoors and let them fly!