Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” With Hand-made Cards

My blogger friend Gail Terp is my guest this week with some excellent sites you and your children can visit for all things having to do with Valentine’s Day and card making. Visit Gail’s site for even more activities:   Here is her post:

Valentine’s Day is such a friendly holiday, isn’t it? Love, candy, cards… lots to like! And there are scads of ways to boost literacy skills. This week I’ll give suggestions for making cards and other crafty type things. Next week, I’ll suggest several ideas for other Valentine’s Day activities.CARDS: Many kids love making cards. Of course, all you really need is to just put out a bunch of paper, doilies, glue, glitter… But if you want some other ideas, here are several to get started.

First, you need to know how to easily cut out hearts.

eHow  Cutting Out Hearts   This video shows how to cut out hearts, plus shows some ideas of what to do with them.

Artists Helping Children  Magically Appearing Name Card   Ingenious!

Spoonful   Valentine’s Day Card Ideas  Several ideas.  Scratch and Win Card  I wish I’d thought of this! My students would have LOVED it!

Danielle’s Place   Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids  Cards, card holders and crafts

Ever wonder how I Love You is said in other languages? Just don’t ask me how to pronounce them!

Je t’aime French   Te amo Spanish   Wo ai ni Chinese (Mandarin)   Ik hou van jou Dutch

Ich liebe dich German   Ani ohev otach (male)    Ani ohevet otcha (female) Hebrew

Volim te Croatian  Ai shite masu Japanese, female speech

Ai shiteru yo Japanese, male speech  Mi amas vin Esperanto  Amo-te Portuguese  Jag älskar dig Swedish


Artists Helping Children  Woven Heart Basket  There are 2 versions given – difficult and easy.  Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bar Wrapper  A sweet idea…  Heart People  Consider adding speech bubbles!   Drawing and Making Animals Out of  Hearts  Definitely cute.Valentine’s Day Peas and Toothpick Heart and Arrow Craft   Odd, but looks fun!

Martha Stewart  Heart-Shaped Crafts  Click the arrows to see all 33 crafts – looks like lots of fun!

Do you have Valentine’s Day crafts that your family enjoys? Tell about them in the Comments Box!



Holiday Crafts and More.

There are numerous websites with fun, easy and creative activities and crafts for children of all ages.  Here are three I’ve recently visited.

1.  This site lists crafts by category and has something for just about any interest or occasion.  The directions are clear and easy to follow.

2.  This site has plenty of free Thanksgiving Craft ideas for table decorations and also offers printable Activity Books for every occasion for a small yearly membership fee.

3.  If you’re looking for simple, fun-filled craft projects that require few materials and time, this is a great place to explore. Two Thanksgiving projects – Turkey Note Holder and Spoon Pilgrims – are colorful and easy for children as young as 5 or 6 to make.

If you’re looking to add a homemade festive touch to the holidays, and get your children involved as well, spend a few minutes browsing these sites and you’ll walk away inspired and ready to create.