Capture the Moon

LIGHTENING BUGS, FIREFLYS, whatever you call these bits of fluttering light on a warm summer evening, when was the last time you tried to catch one?  A week or so ago I looked out a window that overlooks my backyard and was amazed to see not just a few lightening bugs, but a yard filled with them.  Everywhere I looked there was blinking, flashing, sparkling bits of diamonds on the fly. Like fairy taxis, bustling from one spot to the next, headlamps signalling to fellow travelers.

Remember those carefree nights when the only aim was to catch one of these magical creatures in our hands and watch them light up from close range?  Relive that magic with your own children.  All you need is a bit of patience, a jar with a lid and a sense of wonder.  You can look up facts about what it is that makes them light up.  Once you catch the fireflies, and watch them blink, wink and glow, set them free.  As wonderful as they are up close, they are so much more magical fluttering about looking for the next fairy passenger  to escort on a nighttime journey. The neon of the night once again set free.