Digging For Fossils in Our Own Backyard.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I had the rare experience of digging for fossils.  Thanks to the Edleman Fossil Park at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, people from all over the country  – and world – can find, and keep, treasures from the Cretaceous Period.  The park –  located in Mantua, NJ – was once covered by the ocean, so the marine fossils are easy to dig for and worth a family trip.



You won’t unearth dinosaurs since they were land animals, but the marine life we found was still pretty cool.  We dug for under two hours and found the remains of  oysters, brachiopods, sponges,  bacteria “poop”,   and a rare blue mineral called vivianite.  There is also a stream for shark tooth hunting.

The fossil park has two public “dig days” each year but the spots fill up fast.  More than 400 schools are on a waiting list for class trips.  But for all your little – and big – paleontologists out there, it’s a rewarding place to begin a life-long love of pre-historic things.



Fall Fossil Fun

Are you looking for a new and adventurous activity for the whole family while the weather is still pleasant and perfect for being outdoors?  Try FOSSIL HUNTING.   http://www.fossilsforkids.com   is a wonderful site to get you started.  The website tells you where to find fossil sites in your area, tools needed, activities and more.  It also shows photos of some of the fossils you’d find at certain digs.  What better way to enjoy getting dirty and learning about our prehistoric past.

If you send me photos of your own fossil discoveries, I’ll post them here.

Happy Fossil Hunting.