Spring Sprouts

If you can’t wait for the weather to get warm enough for planting and digging in the garden, try SPROUTING SEEDS. Seed packets are in grocery stores and it’s easy to try sprouting them with the kids All you need is a package of bean seeds and paper towels.

1. Wet paper towels.  Place 3 or 4 seeds onto the wet towel, fold it to cover the seeds.

2. Place the folded towels in a warm area and keep them moist by sprinkling them with water every few hours.

3. Check the seeds every couple of days.  You should see them sprout before a week is through.  Don’t give up if it takes a little longer.  The warmer the area, and the moister the towels remain, the faster the seed will sprout.

What to do with them once they’ve sprouted?  While it might be tempting to eat your own sprouts, I wouldn’t.  Some seeds are treated with certain chemicals and can cause illness. YOU CAN, however, plant them in dirt and have a “mini” garden on a windowsill.  They can also be put directly into your garden outdoors when the soil is ready.

Try different kinds of beans to see how long each takes and compare their different characteristics.  Take a photo and send it to me. I’ll post some of them here.


Science Web Sites

Here are two really fun and interesting websites for all things about science.  The first one has experiments you can do at home that are easy and entertaining.  Check out these wonders at: http://www.sciencefunwithmom.wordpress.com

The other website is sponsored by the Science Channel and provides supplemental information in areas such as earth, physical, life science and more.  Thee is homework help for all grad levels as well.   http://www.rocketscienceathome.com

Celebrate the wonders of the world and try a little science at home.  Stay tuned for more science fun next Friday.