Today’s post comes from my writer friend and Internet Radio Host of READ ALL ABOUT IT, Stefani Milan. Stefani’s written a new picture book. One lucky reader will have a chance to win a signed copy.  Details are at the end of the post.  Here is Stefani to tell you about her book:

I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside by Stefani Milan (Illustrated by Matt Williams), is the small tale written in short rhyming verses about the woes of a cat whose family takes in a stray cat from the outside.                    51QTMoUqd6L

This story is a great one to share with small children to help them learn about acceptance, friendship, and much more. But it is not only for children, as this little story also appeals to cat lovers everywhere. I wrote this story after working with the Animal Welfare Association to trap and release 13 cats. Because each one had grown on me, I decided to train them, and this story was based on a true story of my 20 year old cat’s response to one of the stray cats we decided to take inside. This book is for the 12 cats who are still outside. I love them all, and my ultimate goal is to see them all adopted. A portion of the proceeds of this book go directly to them and to shelter items (food, beds, blankets) for the AWA’s countless other homeless animals.

To learn more, visit Stefani’s Facebook page for the cats, https://www.facebook.com/elsa.bean.3

You can win a FREE SIGNED COPY of  I LIKED YOU BETTER WHEN YOU WERE OUTSIDE by leaving a comment below.  I’ll add your name to my list and then draw one name from the list and Stefani will send the book to you.  Contest ends on 10-6-2015.  Winner will be announced here on 10-7-2015

Anyone with questions about the book can reach Stefani at stefanimilanauthor@gmail.com