Some Ways to Thank Veterans on Memorial Day and Beyond.

As we remember those who fought and still fight to protect our freedoms and our country this Memorial Day, there are other ways we can honor our servicemen and women as well.  Here are a few:

1. Send a care package: for $15.00, you can send one care package from Operation Gratitude. This organization has sent more than 1 million packages  to military personnel worldwide.

2. Donate a flight: You can donate your frequent flyer miles to wounded service men and women who need them to fly to medical centers for treatment, or to allow family visits.  Contact the Fisher House Foundation’s Hero Miles Program at:

3. Counseling: Mental Health Professionals can donate their services to returning veterans and their families.

4. Be a Story Guardian: Volunteer to tape or video record interviews with veterans from WWII up to the present day through the Library of Congress sponsored Veteran’s History Project.

5. Fight Cancer: You can help fund breast cancer screenings and treatment for women in the military who are 40% more likely to get cancer than civilian women the same age.  Visit:

6. Thank a Vet: Write letters to men and women in the armed forces who don’t often get mail through Operation Write Home.

Many heroes have paid the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedom in this wonderful country.  While you  enjoy a picnic or a day at the beach, take a few minutes to reflect on the COST OF FREEDOM.  Share in the NATIONAL MOMENT OF SILENCE at 3PM today.