Winter Olympics – Backyard Style

With the Olympics taking place in SOUTH KOREA this month, it’s easy to get the urge to want to go outdoors and have some winter fun. While it’s still cold and – maybe snowy – you can try a few games of your own and enjoy some homemade Olympics.  Check out these sights for winter snow fun.

1.  How to stage your own backyard winter Olympics:  Check out this site from PARENT MAP.  Everything from luge, to curling, all in your own neighborhood.

2. Got snow?  Try these Olympic inspired activities at home:

Watch ski-jumping. Skate, ski, jump and slide on the ice.  Or, are you a bob-sledder?  Curling?  Try sliding smooth rocks across a frozen driveway or sidewalk.  (NEVER ON A POND OR BODY OF WATER!!!)  Enjoy the games and be inspired to create some winter fun as well.


Wreath Pin…and Other Easy Gifts to Make.

If you’re looking for some simple, last-minute gifts you and your children can make for friends and loved ones, here are some websites with a wealth of ideas. 

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You might also like to try this WREATH PIN.  All you need to make it is lace strips from 8-12 inches long ( be sure the lace has some holes in it to thread the pipe-cleaner through), a six inch piece of pipe cleaner, tacky glue, red or green ribbon for a bow, safety pin.     wreath 1

1. Begin by threading the pipe cleaner through the holes in the lace as shown in the photo on the  left.  Continue until all the lace is threaded.  wreath 2

2. Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner together to form a circle and tightly wind the ends so they don’t catch on the lace.  Spread out the lace to form the wreath.   You may have to tug a bit to get it to look uniform.  Use a drop of glue to bind the edges together.    wreath 3

3.  Use a piece of red or green ribbon to make a small bow and glue it to the front of the wreath as shown.  When dry, you will need to stitch a safety pin on the back to make sure it stays.  OR…you can turn it into a magnet by gluing a piece of magnetic strip instead.     wreath 4(See the photo on the right).

Happy Gifting!