Backyard Olympics

There are many wonderful ways to enjoy physical activity.  As we wind down the days of summer, let the kids – and adults – in the neighborhood have a BACKYARD OLYMPICS.

You can set up an area with an obstacle course and see who can complete it.  Crawling through  a “tunnel”,  jumping over ropes of various heights, rolling, running, and crab walking are all fun ways to compete in events. Walking like various animals is also fun (especially if accompanied by animal sounds). Endurance activities  might include who can jump rope or keep a hula hoop going the longest. A fun spin on ball games might be a water balloon toss, or raw egg toss.  

Finish up the day’s fun with Popsicle eating or watermelon seed spitting contests. Give all children a chance to feel special.  You can award ribbons for the Best Sport, Purplest Tongue, Coolest Crab Walker, Awesome Hula Hooper, etc.  You can even name your team and paint T-shirts for the big day.

It’s even more fun if adults “act like kids” by: wearing  a swimsuit all day, being barefoot all day,  digging in the dirt, eating a Popsicle for breakfast, running under a sprinkler.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and get physical!


2 thoughts on “Backyard Olympics

  1. These are great ideas! Getting our kids off the sofa and into physical activity is so important.
    And you’ve included the fun factor, which is critical to the way kids view fitness.

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