GIVE SOMETHING AWAY DAY – JULY 15, 2020 by Kim Pfennigwerth

July 15th will be here in a blink and so I am posting, once again, on Darlene’s blog to celebrate our annual Give Something Away Day!

This is a day to share things that will lighten our load and perhaps brighten someone else’s day. With everything our country is experiencing because of the pandemic, this is a great time to give something away. What can you give away? How about a phone call, food for someone in quarantine, or books you love.

Along with staying safe in the pandemic, we have also been listening to the important discussion that is raising our collective social conscience with Black Lives Matter.

So, for our giveaway this year, Darlene and I have decided to give away books that support and highlight the talented BIPOC authors and/or illustrators in children’s literature.

I will be giving away two books:

We Are Water Protectors                          woke cover

  • We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom, illustrated by Michaela Goode  – and
  • WOKE: A Young Poet’s Call To Justice by Mahogany L. Browne, Elizabeth Acevedo, and Olivia Gatwood, illustrated by Theodore Taylor III, with a contribution by Jason Reynolds.

Darlene will give away:

I Am Enough

  • I AM ENOUGH by Grace Byers, illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo.

To be eligible to win one of the two giveaways, please tell us the titles of books you love that are written and/or illustrated by BIPOC. And remember to share your suggestions on all your social media outlets. Two winners will be chosen at random from those who enter and announced on this blog at a later date.

Finally, I sincerely hope you stay healthy and safe and in the spirit of Give Something Away Day —find something to give away yourself.

Below is a short list of charities that can always use our support:

Black Lives Matter:

The Innocence Project:

The Trevor Project:

The National Immigration Law Center:

The Loveland Foundation:

The Navaho Water Project:

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum:

Embrace Race:

KimNov2016Kim Pfennigwerth enjoys time with her dogs on the beach or going for a paddle in her kayak. She is a lover of books, animals, children, and kindness in no particular order. She is often spotted participating in online workshops or in a bookstore or library reading piles of picture books while writing and revising her own manuscripts. 






29 thoughts on “GIVE SOMETHING AWAY DAY – JULY 15, 2020 by Kim Pfennigwerth

  1. I love your tradition of bring attention to Give Something Away Day, Kim and Darlene. It would be easy to miss given all the distracting headlines. You always inspire me by your own generosity – giving books away! Great book choices! I Am Enough is a favorite of mine also.

  2. What a wonderful challenge to give something away! One of my favorites is “A Place To Land” by Barry Wittenstein and illustration by Jerry Pinkney. Since BIPOC stands for ALL people of color, another one of my favorites is “A Different Pond” by Bao Phi, illustrated by Thi Bui.

    And of course, I’m partial to my own books. 😉

    • Love that you reblogged this, Teresa! Thank you!! Would love to see more people celebrating books by #BIPOC and Both your books should be on this list of everyone’s favorites! Love the perspective of the bikes in TWO BICYCLES IN BEIJING and reading about Wu Chien Shiung in QUEEN OF PHYSICS How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom. Your illustrators were fabulous, also! Shout out to Junyi Wu for Two Bicycles and Rebecca Huang for Queen of Physics.

    • Floyd Cooper’s Max and the Tag-a-long sits on my shelf as well! So does The Proudest blue — loved reading this story about wearing a hijab! Sissy Goes Tiny is a new one to me and added to my TBR list. This is exactly what I was hoping to gain with this year’s blog post!

  3. Hi, Kim! What a great idea. I loved FRY BREAD by Kevin Noble Maillard and UNDER MY HIJAB by Hena Khan. I also think Oge Mora is brilliant – both THANK YOU, OMU and SATURDAY.

    • Hi Brooke! Thank you for commenting and adding to our lists! I just discovered Oge Mora this past Spring and totally agree. I am a fan for life! I also love FRY BREAD! I have added UNDER MY HIJAB to my list. Not sure why I haven’t gotten to it when I really love how THE PROUDEST BLUE shows this important subject of accepting everyone and ourselves.

  4. Sorry I miss this post until now. It is a great idea to have a day to give something away. We will give something away anyways and remember to do it again next year. Great post, thank you for sharing it.

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