Marilyn Ostermiller Presents: Recipes That Stood the Test of Time Part 2.

When my Great Grandma Caroline learned to bake as a child in Denmark during the 1860s, her specialty was Danish Cookies. She’d grab a couple handfuls of sugar, add heaping scoops of lard, an egg and cream it all together … Continue reading

Signs of Spring. One is a Recipe!

Maybe when you look out your window you still see this:   Officially spring is only five days away.  And even under all the snow, there are sure signs of spring. Take the kids outside and have a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.  … Continue reading

Perfect Pairing:Ice Cream and Summer by Marilyn Ostermiller

Want a good reason to indulge in ice cream? Here it is: Today, August 19 is Soft Ice Cream Day.  Soft and hard ice cream are made with the same ingredients, but soft ice cream has less milk fat and … Continue reading

Easter Treats Recall Ancient Myths by Marilyn Ostermiller.

From chocolate bunnies to colored eggs, traditional Easter treats can be traced back to the 13th century. The Easter Bunny tradition is thought to stem from the German myth of Osterhas, a rabbit said to have laid colored eggs in … Continue reading